Welcome to the 2017 World Studio Tour

World Studio Tour Map

Add your live streaming or video production studio today! The tour starts September 22nd (the Friday after IBC) and ends in Philadelphia December 8th, 2017.

The PTZOptics World Studio Tour will take you around the world touring live streaming & video production studios broadcast live on YouTube & Facebook. This High Definition broadcast is hosted Fridays at 11AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern providing the perfect chance to chat with like minded professionals in the streaming industry. The tour starts September 22nd (the Friday after IBC).
This live event will also include an Open House Live Show with hand-on technology workstations open the public December 8th 2017. This event will include a studio tour, lunch-and-learn BBQ and a behind the scenes seat to the Studio Tour’s Final Broadcast. The broadcast will announce the winners of the World Studio Tour along with a special party.
Do you have a live streaming studio? Or know someone that does? Fill out this form to nominate a video production studio. All nominations will be added to our WorldStudioTour Map. The World tour will consist of 24 locations live viewers can tour through 12 dedicated episodes. A public vote will be live streamed to YouTube allowing all studios eligable for our prize to be displayed in our live ranking system.
World Studio TOur